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Sage 200 software helps you manage your finances, customers and business insight in one solution. It’s designed to help you share data easily, work smarter and ensure your whole business works together efficiently as well as delivering real cost benefits to your business.The flexibility of Sage 200 means it’s ideal for companies with a turnover of £1 million to £50 million or typically 10 to 200 employees, across all business sectors and delivers scope to grow.

If this matches your business profile, you might want to consider Sage 200 now or in the future as it delivers a greater depth of functionality for more complex businesses and you can pay monthly, enabling you to get up and running quickly.

Sage 200 More Choice - More Freedom

Pay for what you use, not what you don’t. Choose different modules depending on what your business needs – financials, invoicing, order processing, project accounting, customer relationship management, bill of materials and manufacturing. Add or remove modules and scale the number of users up or down to match the flexibility of your business. And choose the payment and deployment options which make sense to you.

Flexible accounting periods

Gain greater control over your accounting periods, with up to 20 accounting periods, which can be open, closed and re-opened as needed. You can also control the length of period and set up period structures in advance for future years.

Flexible nominal code structure

Enjoy the benefit of in depth analysis and reporting. Set up departments and cost centres as well as Profit & Loss and Balance sheet reporting with the option to group accounts for reporting purposes. Make adjustments to previous year journals and roll changes forward to ensure your accounts are accurate and up to date.

Automated statements, standing orders and direct debits

Set up processes to send statements directly to customers. Get a view of all outstanding customer payments and invoices to help you maintain cashflow. Easily and clearly view and track all standing orders and direct debits, with details of the day they are paid, frequency, number of payments made, number still to pay and much more.

Bank reconciliation

Save time and eliminate rekeying by reconciling bank statements alongside your banking software. Reconcile statements with payment and receipt details, record discrepancies, transactions and charges all in one place.

Advanced multi-currency options

Manage all your foreign currency trading with ease, including exchange rate changes and their impact on business finances across all ledgers and cash book.Move money from one bank account to another, and between currencies to maximise interest earned and minimise overdraft charges.

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Effectively analyse critical business information

Use powerful analytical tools to inform your decision-making and share business data widely across your organisation. Offer the highest quality service and support and measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns with advanced customer relationship management tools

Easily build your own reports

Easily Change report fields in seconds to give you key information such as Profit & Loss by cost centre and department; sales by customer by month; stock valuation for the last three months; trend in overdue orders; stock movements by product group, and much more. Bring your business data to life using charts and graphs.

Benefit from greater Business Intelligence

Sage 200 Business Intelligence can help you to identify customer and product trends and understand any variations. You can measure performance against different benchmarks and analyse data and connections between different parts of your business.

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Sage 200 workspaces bring key information together on one screen

They give different people across your organisation relevant information quickly and easily and are customisable, so you can configure them to suit different job roles and responsibilities.Workspaces are very simple to navigate. You can quickly and easily drill down from top level to more detailed information. For example. you can select a customer account on a workspace and from there see the transactions that customer has made.

To customise their workspace, users can:

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Commercials - Managing your Supply Chain

Sage 200 is designed to help you manage every element of your supply chain - from quotations, to price books; receiving and delivering goods, together with a sophisticated stock management system that’s fully linked to your financial data.

Commercials - Managing your Stock

With Sage 200 you get a complete inventory and warehouse management solution to help you optimise stock levels, keep costs down and deliver what your customers want.

Commercials - Managing your Sales Orders

From raising a quotation or order to checking stock, delivering goods and raising invoices, Sage 200 gives you complete control of your entire sales order process.

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Project Accounting

Sage 200 helps you control your costs and maximise your profits by understanding the detail of each and every project you manage. Improve customer satisfaction with accurate bills delivered by capturing and allocating projects costs, overheads and revenues. And collect timesheets and expenses information online from anywhere, saving time and ensuring accurate payments.

Gain a single view of your projects

Make the most of your time, by tracking multiple projects based on time and materials, fixed price contracts or a combination of both.

Share information with other areas of your business to save time and reduce administration costs. For example, convert sales orders and quotations into projects, while ordering and allocating stock for those projects. Or track time and resources and link the results to your Sage 50 Payroll system.

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Sage 200 Bill of Materials and Manufacturing modules offer the flexibility to choose what’s right for your business, whether you have light or more complex manufacturing requirements.

Bill of Materials is ideal for businesses involved in light manufacturing assembly, it can help break down complex processes and can split your business up into distinct areas with the ability to report by area.Sage 200 Manufacturing also enables you to track supply chain activities in detail from end to end.Sage 200 helps you monitor events on the shop floor to ensure it runs efficiently, maintaining maximum productivity and increasing customer satisfaction and profitability. Deliver products on time and on budget, while managing cash flow throughout the entire manufacturing and delivery process.

Improve business efficiency

Sage 200 Manufacturing helps you save time and resources, with tools to standardise and streamline production scheduling so you can coordinate your distribution channels. Improving how you control your production processes will also help you deliver more products on time – a key target for anyone in the manufacturing industry. Sage 200 also supports assembly, repackaging of bulk items, resource planning, and scheduling work and materials.

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