Our journey

to reduce our

Carbon Footprint

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Best performing Sage CRM Business Partner for UKI Mid Market 2014-2020

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Let’s do it together!

We aim to contribute to emission-free roads in the UK by actively encouraging our Partners and Customers to join us in the journey to a cleaner, quieter and more sustainable streets whenever possible.

Transportation is an important part of our life

As IT consultants we travel around the country a lot! Qmulus Solutions first major goal in helping to reduce our carbon footprint is switching 100% to electric vehicles by 2022.

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We help make a carbon-free world possible

We’ve installed the EV chargers for our employees

We want to set an example how to change the world

Join us on our journey

towards carbon-free roads

The Qmulus team plays its part in working towards a more sustainable future with an electric vehicle first policy on all new company cars.

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Be eco-friendly!

Go paperless

Our eco-friendly environment strategy has served us well for the last decade with a focus on reusing, reducing and recycling.

Having the best technology, the best people and delivering the best services we aim at educating and setting the right standards that are based on eco-friendly fundaments.

Did you know we are Sage Foundation Partners? Support us in Eco-Friendly Environment movement!