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What is Qnect?

View your Customer or Supplier Financials, Orders, Quotes and Invoices from your Sage Accounts system directly within Sage CRM.
Create Customers and Post Orders from Sage CRM directly into your accounts solution without retyping and much more…

Product Features

Manage all your non-financial information outside of Sage Accounts.

Processing Quotes

As products and prices are synchronised from Sage 200 into Sage CRM the Sage CRM inbuilt quote functionality is fully available to users via a web browser. Users can add products, free text items and comments to quotes, produce PDF documents, and easily send these to the prospect/customer all from within Sage CRM.

Sage CRM prospect companies do not need to be linked to Sage 200 to produce quotes. This reduces the amount of data within Sage 200 by eliminating the need to have prospect customers and quotes in Sage 200.

Only actual sales customers and transactions will be in Sage 200 reducing the volume of data and load on the software speeding up Sage 200 due to the reduction in non-transactional data.

Processing Orders

Orders for customers can either be created from quotes or entered straight into Sage CRM. As with quotes, orders can have PDF documents create against them which can be easily sent to the customer.
When the customer has agreed to a quote, an order can be posted straight into Sage 200 against the customers Sage 200 account by simply clicking the 'Post to Sage Accounts' button when viewing the order.

Instant Data Accessibility

Information entered at the start of the sales process flows through Sage CRM and into Sage 200 without the need to duplication data entry. This both reducing time and the possibility of data issues caused by entering the same data into multiple systems manually.

✔ Store details about phone calls, emails or meetings

✔ Manage sales pipeline, opportunities, quotes and orders

✔ Record and manage customer issues and marketing activities

Key Functionality

✔ Multiple Sage 200 trading companies

✔ Instant Sage 200 Customer creation

✔ Customer and Supplier synchronisation

✔ Quote/Order using Sage 200 products

✔ Real-time Account views

✔ Sage 200 Customer price enquiries

✔ View live stock availability for products

✔ Product level tax and warehouse selection

✔ Post CRM orders to Sage 200

✔ New Quote and Order processing screens

✔ Alternative and Cross Sell Products

✔ Request a company is created in Sage 200

✔ Additional Charges to Sage 200

✔ Bi-directional addresses and contacts

✔ Additional company creation fields i.e. default price list/Default Nominal Code

✔ Support for charts in live lists and screens

✔ Sage 200 Customer alerts

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Create Accounts

Create Customer/Supplier accounts in your Sage Accounts directly from Sage CRM

Create Sales Orders

Create Sales Orders in Sage Accounts directly from Sage CRM

View Account Info

Sage CRM will display your customer and supplier info such as status, credit limit or transactions

Quotes and Orders

As products and prices are synchronised from Sage Accounts into Sage CRM the Sage CRM inbuilt quote and order functionality is fully available to users via a web browser!

Add products, free text items and comments to quotes, produce PDF documents and easily send these to the prospect or customer all from within Sage CRM.

Sage 200 integration
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Make informed decisions

Identify and categorise your most profitable customers, understand their priorities and how much they cost you to sell to and to keep.

CRM allows your staff to share vital customer information and handle complex processes by automating them.

It's that easy! 

Companies all around the world are already experiencing the power of an integrated CRM.

Integrating Sage CRM with Qnect will help you bring together every area of your business including sales, finance, marketing and customer service

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