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Streamline personalised communication across all channels to boost lead generation and customer retention. Watch Marketing Creatio video Overview

Marketing Creatio is a marketing automation software
marketing management creatio

Lead Management Processes in Marketing Creatio

Marketing Creatio allows users to leverage a full customer profile complete with a detailed history of communications, develop loyalty programs, benchmark marketing efficiency and other key metrics.

Leads Qualification in Marketing Creatio

Leads Qualification in Marketing Creatio

Leads Distribution in Marketing Creatio

Leads Distribution in Marketing Creatio

Leads Engagement in Marketing Creatio

Leads Engagement in Marketing Creatio

Leads Analysis in Marketing Creatio

Leads Analysis in Marketing Creatio

Empower your email


Create highly personalised messages, use split testing to choose the most effective emails and launch massive bulk email campaigns in a few clicks. Get endless communication opportunities, guide your client on every stage of the customer journey, and provide your customer with top-notch experience.

Empower your email marketers

The Key Features of Creatio Marketing

Orchestrate customer journeys and accelerate lead-to-revenue

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360° customer view

Obtain a complete view of your customers. Get to know your customers better, understand their preferences and build efficient personalized communications.


Segment your database and build data selections of any complexity. Apply filters to create dynamic groups of accounts and contacts or create static groups manually.

Website behaviour tracking

From the first visit to a site, the visitor’s web browser gathers information about pages visited, website paths and time spent on the site. When registering, all the information in the visitor’s cookie files is sent to Marketing Creatio and added to a lead’s profile.

Lead management

All information is collected in the lead profiles and is also displayed in dashboard analytics. Track lead sources to evaluate the effectiveness of lead generation channels used in your marketing campaigns and focus your efforts on the best performing channels.

Trigger campaigns

Plan campaigns using the simple visual campaign designer and define conditions for transitioning between campaign stages. The system allows for the setting up of criteria for target conversion rates and campaign completion.

Personalised e-mail marketing

Personalise your communications with customers to increase sales. Start emails with a personal greeting and personalise email content using macros in Marketing Creatio

Event management

Use Marketing Creatio to plan and manage all events: promotions, advertising campaigns, conferences, webinars and other off- and on-line activities.

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personalised email marketing

Business process management

Automate any internal process – from document approval to collaboration on complex projects involving multiple teams. Creatio provides a complete set of tools to effectively manage business processes, including process modelling, execution, monitoring and analysis.

Productivity tools

Plan your work, tasks and meetings in your calendar within Marketing Creatio. Create personal or group tasks linked to contacts, opportunities or documents via: Tasks and calendar, e-mail, calls, Enterprise Social Network, Data enrichment through social media, Dashboards, Knowledgebase

System designer

Go to the System Designer section for: UI customisation, User customisation, Agile system localisation, Access rights administration, Activity Log

How much will it cost me?

Choose Marketing Creatio to streamline engagements across the entire customer journey

Business process management
Low-code/no-code configuration
Collaboration tools
AI and machine learning tools
Access and user management
Synchronisation and integration
Development framework
Mobile Application

Boost your demand generation with Marketing Creatio

Data storage

Data volume that is stored in Creatio. 1 GB storage for each user is already included in the subscription. Cost of additional 1 GB of storage space is $20 per year.

Fixed IP address

Linking a client to a specific IP address that cannot be changed without a client’s approval. This service costs $230 as a setup payment and $230 per year per one site.

Site for development

Additional system instance, used for development and testing. When purchasing subscriptions for over 20 users, an additional system instance could be provided for two users free of charge. When purchasing subscriptions for fewer than 20 users, an additional system instance is provided according to the price list of the chosen product. There is an additional charge for disk storage space.


File that the client can independently download via FTP. This service costs $800 per year. Additional charge for disk storage space applies.

Deployment on dedicated servers

The ability to deploy a system on a dedicated server where other companies’ systems are not hosted. It enables a more flexible system configuration and customization. The cost of this service is calculated separately and is based on the resources required. Recommended for organizations that have one of the following requirements: Resource-intensive integrations, project improvements. Increased security level. The need for more flexible configuration of the OS and the installation of additional software on application servers and DBMS. Maintaining a continuously high performance level and excluding the impact of other system instances. Custom maintenance window requirement.

VPN Tunnel

Secure access between a client’s IT Infrastructure and a client’s site in the Cloud. Mainly used for safe integration setup. This service costs $1950 as a setup payment and $800 per year for one site. The service has limitations to be clarified before purchasing.

On-site development

System development and testing on company’s own servers. When purchasing subscriptions for 20+ users, 2 subscriptions for development and testing needs are offered free of charge.

Technical Support

Creatio provides technical support in packages — Basic, Business, and Premium. The purchase of a support package is mandatory when buying software subscription. The packages are purchased for a period of not less than one year for all products that are used by the client.

Gartner® Magic Quadrant™

Leader for 2021

Creatio, a global software company that provides a leading low-code/no-code platform for process management and CRM, has been named a Leader in the August 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Sales Force Automation. It is the sixth consecutive year that the company has been included in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Sales Force Automation, and the third time it has been identified. Read more…

Creatio Gartner Leader

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With Marketing Creatio, you can Target, Manage and Retain customers in a matter of seconds! Personalise your Marketing Communications, manage the company's Events and make sure you know all the detail before transferring the lead into an opportunity or an order!
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