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Sage for Construction is built on either Sage 50 or Sage 200 . You can get a FREE trial of Sage 200 to learn about the benefits of Sage 200 over Sage 50.

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Who Uses Construction Management Software?

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What are the Benefits of Construction Management Software?

Be compliant! CIS tax submissions and Sub-Contractor Verification all performed within the system.

Integrated ERP, Construction Management Solutions and CRM with Sage and Eque2.

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Construction ERP utilising Sage 50 or 200 provides medium to large contractors with the combination of a sophisticated contract management solution and highly flexible accounting features.

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Sales Application and Valuation generation and Tracking

CIS Tax Submission and Compliance

Purchase Order Processing and Authorisation

sage partner qmulus solutions


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Cost your project

Sage 50/200 enables you to cost your projects more accurately


Scan your invoices

Scan supplier invoices and link the documents to invoice transactions


Sub-contractor Control

Take the full control of how you manage your sub-contractors and ensure compliance with HRMC

Sage 200 integration

Tailored to grow

your business

Easily customisable to fit your business needs. Select options for managing stock, projects, customers (CRM) and payments.

Make informed decisions

Gain real performance insight of all of your contracts via information held in CRM, Sage 200 and Construction.

CRM allows your staff to share vital customer information and handle complex processes by automating them.

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What is the best construction management software?

Take Control


Create sales valuations and applications, control client retentions and easily create cumulative sales invoices.

Check the amount of time each employee has spent on each project, the value of expenses and integrate the timesheets into Sage Payroll.

It's that easy!

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Companies all around the world are already experiencing the power Sage products.

Our solution integrating with Sage 50 and Sage 200 is designed for your Construction needs  bringing together every area of your business including sales, finance, marketing and customer service.

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